Barber Osgerby, Projects

It has been almost twenty-five years since we first met while studying at the Royal College of Art in London, and only a little less time since we began our studio together. Throughout this time, we have collaborated with many individuals, companies, organisations, specialists and manufacturers, but our most important collaboration has been with each other. People are sometimes bemused by our long-standing partnership, and the fact that we work together in a world that is so often defined by singular visions. However, we are collaborators by nature, and it is this working method that we have used successfully for all these years. We have always welcomed the opportunity to involve the engineers and craftspeople encountered during the design process, and, as projects often take years to develop, ideas will be passed back and forth and transformed until it all comes to fruition. It seems fitting, then, that this book should also have come into existence through a deeply collaborative process; writers, photographers, graphic designers and editors have all played their part in this shared work.

  • Year / 2017
  • Publisher / Phaidon
The book has been thematically arranged into three parts, each one based on the visual characteristics of the projects set within them. The first, ‘Folded Structures’, comprises many of our early works – the results of our experiments with architectural-model-making materials such as paper, white card and balsa wood. Through a variety of processes, we turned these sheet materials into three-dimensional objects. The second part, ‘Frameworks’, explores projects that can be defined by their lightweight construction; some are open structures, while others are surfaced. The last part, ‘Volumes’, features a collection of pieces whose form or character was created through shaping and sculpting. Interestingly, all three of these themes seem to have continued in our work in almost equal measure until the present day.
Contained within these parts is a series of six essays, each of which explores the story  behind a project that was of particular significance to our studio. These essays are the result of conversations with people who were connected to the projects  in one way or another. The final section of the book includes a full chronology of our design output to date, with each entry offering specific details about the manufacturers and materials involved.