Birds on a wire

Birds on a Wire was the first piece designed for the Hello/Goodbye collection, a series of household products devised with Magis founder Perazza, which focuses on the entrance or hallway of a building. Birds on a Wire was inspired by the Shaker wall hanging system, where chairs and other smaller objects are hooked on a rail on the wall when not in use. The extruded aluminum rail that it sits on can be extended in sections to an infinite length so that it can be used in schools and public buildings. We looked at some of the themes and industrial processes that we had been working with over previous years and chose three that we wanted to experiment with further. These were anodising, machining metal and colour composition. We had already prompted an investigation into colour with our show ‘Colour by Numbers’ in 2005 where we had filled the walls of a London gallery with multiple Pantone-coloured, plywood stools.

  • Year / 2007
  • Manufacturer / Magis