Bottle Table

The idea for the Bottle Table came whilst Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby were designing a dining table for a private commission. Wanting to explore the idea of using one material for the whole table, they decided to design a pedestal table that would seat four people. With enough mass in the centre of the table, they thought it would be possible to keep the footprint of the base small, and cantilever the top out. By using a mineral, in this case marble, enough mass was gained to be able to achieve this. Using a material less dense than a mineral would mean that the top would be too heavy, and the table would topple over. Cappellini produced the table and because Guilio Cappellini loved the design, he asked to take on the table as a production piece. From the square-topped commission, Barber & Osgerby went on to develop a circular-topped and larger table with two pedestals for the production versions. The components of the Bottle table fit together without any mechanical fixings. The top fits entirely securely onto the base, held together by gravity alone: the slight taper allows the two pieces to lock securely together.

  • Year / 2007
  • Manufacturer / Cappellini