BREA, a modular outdoor lounge system, is the second collection by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby for DEDON. Each piece has been designed with the objective of reducing complexity and caring for every detail. By minimising elements and eliminating complexity - from the design of the universal castings to the comfort of the cushions and upholstery - the designers were able to focus on quality.

  • Year / 2018
  • Manufacturer / DEDON
Produced to the highest standards, the upholstered sections look and feel permanent, although they can be removed at a moment’s notice. They slip over the backrests, side rests and seating. All materials used are suitable for both indoors and out. The designers created the modular, innovative tubular framed sofa, to look beautiful even without any cushions. To support the cushions, they opted for belts of tensioned webbing. 
Three stainless steel ‘loops’, one each for the single-seater, two-seater and three-seater modules, form the basis of the system. Together with a tubular armrest, a tubular backrest and five cleverly designed universal castings in aluminium, the loops allow for an endless variety of lounging configurations. The range is intelligent, adaptable and completely modular without compromising on luxury or comfort.