£2 Coin

£2 Coin – 150th Anniversary of the London Underground The coin commemorates the 150th anniversary of the London Underground and depicts the recognisable face of an Underground train emerging from the darkness of a tube tunnel. The train referenced is the 1967 Victoria line train, chosen for two reasons – the designers’ affinity to it’s aesthetic simplicity and the wide recognition of this particular train due to the iconic status it has gained over the years. The outer ring of the coin is used graphically to suggest the tunnel wall. The rails traverse the outer ring, contradicting conventions of a concentric frame, while the use of a ground line in the artwork references the ‘exergue’ of classical coins. The artwork changes at the ground line from a bi-dimensional view to a perspective view (where the rails cross the coin’s outer circle), creating a sense of movement and abstraction.

  • Year / 2012

All inscriptions use the iconic London Underground ‘New Johnston’ font, drawing an immediate association to the familiar London Underground language. The coin’s edge has a graphic inscription representing an Underground line with a number of stations, the last of which conceals the initials ‘B’ and ‘O’ – the designers’ signatures. 

The tube train appearing from the tunnel symbolically celebrates the Underground’s transition between past and the future.