Filo Sofa

The Filo Sofa is a deconstruction of the traditional sofa. A private collector, who had commissioned several challenging pieces in the past, asked Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby to design a sofa for his home. The brief was simple: it had to be large and comfortable. This gave Barber & Osgerby the freedom to explore the sofa structurally, intrigued by the idea of using the frame as something more than a functional base. After stripping down the sofa, a framework was designed upon which simple upholstered quilts could be laid. The utilitarian, internal structure of a sofa is usually hidden from view and is designed for support rather than for any aesthetic qualities. By contrast, the frame of the Filo Sofa is designed to be exposed. Handcrafted from solid oak by skilled craftsmen, it is produced to precision. With all of the internal stuffing and padding removed to reveal the wooden structure, six loose layers of brightly coloured quilts are used to create comfortable seating rather than a skin for the structure. The quilts can be alternated to give variable colour combinations.

  • Year / 2009
  • Manufacturer / Cappellini