Flight Stool

The Flight stool was originally conceived in 1998 for one of Edward & Jay’s architectural projects in London. As with many of their earlier pieces, it was made by Isokon Plus in London. Later that same year they were invited by Cappellini to work with Jasper Morrison on an exhibition called Living-Rooms at the Atlantis Gallery near Brick Lane in East London. It was to be comprised of a series of timber-framed room sets, where several of Cappellini’s designers would show their own work. At that time only a couple of pieces were in production, so rather than install a formal room set, it was decided to treat the exhibition more as a sculptural installation than showroom. Inspired by Eadweard Muybridge's use of photography to capture motion, Barber & Osgerby decided to ‘animate’ a series of stools by suspending them on wire to give the impression that they were flying in through the window of the framed room. From the first stool in flight, each stool was made differently, with its sides at slightly more closed angles, like a winged object coming into land. The final stool, a production piece manufactured from 11mm formed birch ply and shaped on a five-axis CNC machine, rested on the floor in the centre of the ‘room’.

  • Year / 1998
  • Manufacturer / Isokon