Barber & Osgerby were approached by Levi's to design some merchandising pieces for the launch of two revolutionary new ranges of denim-wear for the global brand. The new Levi's Red and Engineered jeans ranges featured a twisted cut of fabric, which meant that the finished garments had a pre-formed, three-dimensional shape. This was visually interesting in itself, but in practical terms, the challenge was that it was a shape that could not be easily folded.

  • Year / 1999
Barber & Osgerby developed two hangers that would maximise the expression of the three-dimensional volume of the new jeans and jackets and that was also eminently practical for retail use. The hangers were designed as a planar sheet, folded to give a generous profile to support the clothes but that also stacked efficiently. The final hangers were light in weight, which meant that hundreds could be shipped in a box. The products were launched in 3,000 Levi's stores worldwide in December 1999.