Map Table

Map Table is a universal table system for situations requiring flexible configurations and optimal usage of space. Through their experience with the architectural design and development of training and conference venues, Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby came to recognise the need for a new, simple table system. Modern, communication-based methods of presentation and learning require adaptable table configurations. Team meetings and workshops are generally conducted at smaller clusters of tables, while open discussions are suited to circular table groupings and conventional presentations call for layouts oriented to the speaker. The Map Table system is designed to satisfy these varying demands. The tables are quickly and easily rearranged and can be stacked if necessary. With its low-key functional aesthetic, Map Table is also well suited for use as a desk in home offices, which are rapidly gaining in importance in today's digital working world. Map Table tops come in rectangular, square, trapezoidal and circular shapes, allowing many different configurations for a wide variety of applications. Whether joined into islands or attached together in fixed rows, the tables are easy to separate and recombine as needed.

  • Year / 2011
  • Manufacturer / Vitra