One by One

One by One is a selection of projects from the last four years of our work. This book illustrates the many different aspects of our approach, from early concept sketches through to prototyping, and in some cases to the final product. Most projects, although they could have filled a whole essay or chapter, have been represented by a singular image or drawing. The title, ‘One by One’ refers both to us as individuals: two designers working with different approaches whose ideas always seem to unite; and to the fact that no matter how many projects we have underway, each project is considered and developed one by one. Selecting projects for this book has given us the chance to capture the work spontaneously in order to convey the energy and diversity of the studio. Each project starts in its own unique way. Sometimes, it’s a quick line drawing in a sketchbook, usually when navigating the direction of a project; at other times a more refined watercolour or collage when resolving the form of an object. This collection of images was selected from hundreds of drawings, photographs and models.

  • Year / 2015
In the period covered by this book, we have produced many pieces as a result

of new working relationships with key manufacturers: Vitra, B&B Italia, Knoll, Axor, Mutina, Royal Doulton and Ozeki. These newly forged relationships have allowed us to grow creatively through the diversity of materials and processes these partners can offer us. They have allowed us to research, explore and design across a multiplicity of industries.

It is easy to overlook the fact that each one of our projects is a deeply collaborative effort. Technicians, model makers and engineers from all the companies involved play a huge role in the process. In that sense our work is, and continues to be, an investigative and highly cooperative pursuit and one that we greatly enjoy.