One by One

The title, ‘One by One’ refers both to Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby as individuals: two designers working with different approaches whose ideas always seem to unite; and to the fact that each project is considered and developed one by one. The show focuses on a small group of ceramics, sixteen pieces in all. This new body of work, borne from experimentation, represents a new area of research for Edward and Jay. The project started some time ago when the pair were developing a collection of ceramic tableware for the British producer, Royal Doulton.

  • Year / 2018
The process of developing the collection required Edward and Jay to test glazes on a selection of clays to see how they would react to the surface textures. They were struck by the imprecision of the results and found joy in the fact that they could not accurately predict the outcome. So much of Edward and Jay's work as industrial designers is concerned with control and perfection in manufacture. Project timescales are also long allowing for prototyping, testing, mould making and production. This rarely leaves any space for serendipity. Relinquished from these constraints, working with clay is erratic, fast, expressive, an antidote to their day-to-day, exacting design practice. Edward and Jay found this liberating.
  • Photography by Guillaume Ziccarelli /
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