Paris Shelves

The owner of ClassiCon, Oliver Holy, wrote to Barber & Osgerby asking to propose a furniture project. Needing some bookshelves for the studio, Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby had been thinking of designing a shelving system that could fit together without the use of mechanical fixings, so they felt this was a good first project to collaborate on. Having thought about ubiquitous, makeshift shelving where planks of wood are supported by stacks of books or bricks that serve as spacers, they decided to make a production version of it. They replaced the stacks with simple folded steel brackets that acted as dividers and also doubled up as bookends. The folded brackets sat in precisely cut recesses in the timber, which gave the shelves extra stability. The brackets were reversible so that the shelves could be placed against the wall or in the centre of a room and used from both sides.

  • Year / 2004
  • Manufacturer / ClassiCon