The existing archetype for umbrella stands is designed for a long umbrella with a hooked handle. However, compact, extendable umbrellas are now much more popular so finding a solution that would work for both was Barber & Osgerby’s aim for this project; part of the Hello/Goodbye range for Magis. A simple series of holes worked best, enabling furled or unfurled umbrellas of any size to be dropped in. The chamfer around the top of each hole allows any rainwater running down the umbrella to be deflected into the hole, rather than onto the floor. Many card models were made to explore the best arrangement. Finally, a triangular shape was chosen because it was found that it fitted well in any position: in a corner, or next to a piece of furniture and the layout of holes worked well without taking up much space.

  • Year / 2010
  • Manufacturer / Magis