In collaboration with Universal, Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby were designing the flagship stores for Stella McCartney’s fashion brand and the first store was in New York’s meat packing district. They worked with Stella (and the Gucci group team) to devise several key elements that would become the visual identity of her stores, and ultimately be used in her other stores around the world. One of these components was a ceramic wall tile. Barber & Osgerby and Universal looked to design a wall treatment loosely based around the idea of nature to give the store a rich, natural, textural feel. They combined a floral motif with a hexagonal cell-like pattern. By bringing the floral motifs forwards and placing them onto the receding hexagonal tile, the two patterns worked in tandem. Lit from above, the flowers stood out whilst the hexagons knitted the pattern together. The result was very reminiscent of Japanese geometric patterns. The porcelain tiles were beautifully made in Italy by Cappellini along with the other furniture that we had designed for the store.

  • Year / 2002
  • Manufacturer / Cappellini