Stencil Screen

Barber & Osgerby had been commissioned by Levi’s in 2000 to design a bespoke hanging device for their new twisted denim range. After looking at many different ways to hang clothing, one of the most interesting ideas was to cut shapes out of a large sheet of material to form hangers for each type of clothing. They experimented with probably twenty different cut-outs to hold everything from skirts to jackets to belts. In the end they consolidated these to five shapes which seemed to be able to accommodate every piece of clothing they could throw at them. Whilst these shapes were strictly functional in their form, they turned out to be rather beautiful too, graphically arranged onto a large rigid sheet. Once this sheet was folded it became a large clotheshorse or changing screen.

  • Year / 2002
  • Manufacturer / Cappellini

The prototypes were made with Cappellini in translucent and opaque sheet materials, punctured by the five shapes. It was also interesting to explore the idea of using the changing screen so that the more clothes you take off, and hang them on the screen, the more the holes would be covered, hiding your dignity.