Tab Lamp

To Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby, Flos had always been an exemplar of what industrial design could be. It appeared to be a place where the best designers from around the world could be experimental, expressive, formal, witty and ultimately be themselves. This was all supported by a framework of technical expertise and marketing genius led by Piero Gandini. Their first drawing of the lamp included the shape of the shade, then they added the stem, base and then finally the tab; this simple sketch took more or less a few minutes. Four years of development followed.

  • Year / 2008
  • Manufacturer / Flos

Starting with a simple, folded aluminium shade, as the project progressed, a ceramic reflector was introduced underneath which helped to give a warmer quality of light and also prevented glare from the end of the shade. This added mix of materials also helped to give it more character.

The simple, aluminium lamp allows a small amount of adjustment to the direction of the light: it can be a table lamp used for sketching or writing but can also be angled towards a wall to provide reflected, ambient light. 

Flos launched Tab in a beautiful installation, in their Tokyo showroom, dramatically surrounded by a flock of origami birds.