Western Facade

Western Facade by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby in collaboration with Torart is a simple marble monolith featuring a pattern of apertures. The title references the shrapnel damaged Aston Webb façade on the Exhibition Road elevation of the V&A caused by bombs dropped during the 1940 blitz. Holes run vertically and horizontally through the bench appearing randomised though they never intersect, they allow light to pass through the material giving a translucency to the otherwise solid mass. Established & Sons has collaborated with The London Design Festival to create a series of one-off benches to mark ten years of the Festival. Bench Years will bring together ten acclaimed international designers who will be matched with ten unique material suppliers and tasked with the creation of a bench. This family of benches is to be exhibited collectively in the Italianate surroundings of the John Madejski Garden at the centre of the V&A throughout the duration of the festival. Within a city, the bench is a recurring component of our urban furniture yet its design is often subject to so many limitations to do with size, durability, vandalism etc. The Bench Years project aims to free designers of such limitations, instead giving them a particular material to focus on. The resulting family of benches explore the versatility of the materials and challenge our assumptions of the humble bench.

  • Year / 2012