Suitcase industrial design and colour work / Rimowa

Halo lamp / Hermès

On & On seating family / Emeco

Olympic torch 2012 / LOCOG

Soft Work system / Vitra

Piton side table and stool / Knoll

Brea furniture family / Dedon

One by One exhibition / Josée Bienvenu Gallery

Double Space at the V&A / BMW

Designers of the Year Installation / Maison et Objet

Lanterne Marine vase / Venini

Bottle table / Cappellini

Puzzle tile / Mutina

Ballot chair / Isokon Plus

Iris table / Established & Sons

Sony exhibition at Salone del Mobile / Sony

Tibbo furniture family / Dedon

Poppins umbrella stand / Magis

Pilot chair / Knoll

Hotaru paper lantern family / Ozeki & Co Ltd

Olympic torch 2012 / LOCOG

Tip Ton chair / Vitra

Tab lamp / Flos

Saturn coat stand / ClassiCon

Bellhop lamp / Flos

On & On seating family / Emeco

Zero-In table / Established & Sons

Triptych Guest of Honour Installation / Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair

Tip Ton chair / Vitra

Flight stool / Isokon Plus

Sofa collection / Knoll

Lane tile / Mutina

Soft Work system / Vitra

One by One exhibition / Josée Bienvenu Gallery

Bellhop lamp / Flos

Axor One shower control unit / Hansgrohe

Saturn stool / Classicon

Wood table and bench / Vitra

Collector cabinet / Glas Italia

Watering Can / Wallpaper*

Barber Osgerby studio

Hula stool / Cappellini

Pilot table / Cappellini

Soft Work system / Vitra

Stencil screen / Cappellini

Smalto table / Knoll

Port vase / Venini

Portsmouth bench / Isokon Plus

Cidade candelabra / Meta

Aes table / Hermès

Images on a desk at the Barber Osgerby studio

RIBA desk / Royal Institute of British Architects

Birds on a Wire hanging system / Magis

£2 coin / The Royal Mint

Clothes hanger / Levis

Home Grown rug / The Rug Company

Pilot chair / Knoll

Barber Osgerby studio

Hakone table and bench

Barber Osgerby, Projects book / Phaidon

Stella McCartney tile / Cappellini

Olio tableware collection / Royal Doulton

Halo and Hécate lamps / Hermès

Barber Osgerby stamped logo

Planophore bookcase and room divider / Vitra

Primavera tile / Mutina

Shell table and chair / Isokon Plus

Fluke sculpture / London Design Festival

Map table / Vitra

Mariposa Club sofa and armchair

Syke fabric / Bute Fabrics

Portfolio box / Toluca Editions

Pantone stool / Isokon Plus

Tobi-Ishi table family / B&B Italia

Pacific chair / Vitra

Loop table / Isokon Plus

Bell lamp / Louis Vuitton

Retail facade LA, H&M

Carbon fibre table / Private Commission

Lunar home accessories / Authentics

Loop desk / Cappellini

Forecast installation / London Design Biennale

De La Warr Pavilion chair / Established & Sons

Marker, plus twenty exhibition / Twentytwentyone

Paris shelves and room divider / ClassiCon

In the Barber Osgerby studio

Four Leaves coat stand / Magis

Ecco mirror / Glas Italia

Ipsei bottle / Coca-Cola

Home table / Isokon Plus

Hexagon tile - prototype / Established & Sons

Bodleian Libraries chair / Isokon Plus

Ascent exhibition / Haunch of Venison

Zeb stool / Vitra

Barber Osgerby studio, London

Mobile phone - prototype / Panasonic

Mews tile / Mutina

In the Making / Design Museum

Prototypes in card, foam and plaster, 2010

Nova pendant light / Swarovski

Delta table / Established & Sons

Mariposa sofa / Vitra

The Jerwood exhibition / The Jerwood Applied Art prize for Design

Loop chaise longue / Cappellini

Western Facade bench / London Design Festival

Filo sofa / Private Commission

Button table / B&B Italia

Retail facade LA

Year 2007
Client H&M

The brief shaping this facade treatment was for a concept that would create instantly recognisable landmarks in locations across the world. Developed in collaboration with Universal – Barber Osgerby’s architecture practice - and drawing on the studio’s extensive research into folded forms, the design is simultaneously reminiscent of pleated textiles and of glaciers and icebergs, evoking both the nature of the Swedish company’s business and its geographic origins.

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The site of the first implementation was originally to be a five-storey building in Hong Kong, where daylight is lost in the early evening all year round, coinciding with the peak of after-work shopping. In order to preserve visibility of the facade in these conditions, backlit perforations were introduced into the aluminium, which also served to accentuate the facade’s folded character.

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In the event, the first realised project was on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, with the concept later evolved for flagship stores in Japan, China, Korea, India and the USA.

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  • 1. Front elevation of H&M facade, Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, 2007 / © John Edward Linden
  • 2. Front elevation of H&M facade at sunset, Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, 2007 / © John Edward Linden
  • 3. Cut away store entrance, H&M, Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, 2007 / © John Edward Linden
  • 4. Perforated aluminium facade, H&M, Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, 2007 / © John Edward Linden
  • 5. Original white card model (1:100) of H&M store facade, 2007 / © Barber Osgerby Studio
  • 6. Development models of H&M facade, 2006 / © Barber Osgerby Studio
  • 7. Looking south across Sunset Boulevard, H&M, Los Angeles, 2007 / © John Edward Linden